Moriz Büsing

Hi, I’m Moriz, a web developer based in Vienna, Austria. I recently quit my job at N26 to work on various projects as a freelance developer. Before N26, I led the tech team at wild and realized projects for clients such as Google, Spotify, Samsung and many more.

My main focus is frontend development with React. I like to create UIs that are human-centered, scalable and performant. I care about creating accessible experiences, because I think the internet should be an open and welcoming place for everyone. I used to work a lot on animation-heavy microsites, now I shifted more into a product/platform direction. Some of the things I‘ve been working on recently:

  • Mergelink, an app for developers to collaboratively fix merge conflicts
  • Recipe platform Happy Plates
  • Classical music streaming service Idagio
  • Enterprise data management application Portrait

If you have an inquiry or want to discuss working together, my inbox is always open: You can also find me on Github and LinkedIn, or download my CV.

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